ROAD BUZZ is finished first copies being sent out to all those who contributed interviews and music. Thanks again to everyone who helped make the project happen.

Some copies will also be available from Octane Sports, Longboard Lounge, Longboard Source, Longboardalm in Austria and First Nature in South Africa.

ROAD BUZZ is a feature length film documenting the downhill skate scene featuring interviews and riding from all over Europe. The project is supported by Arts Council England.

For more films check out our YOUTUBE channel or VIMEO page.

Right click or control click the links to download the movies

Loton Park Trailer

A 5 minute-ish trailer of the cancelled Loton Park Race. Features music by the mighty Your're smiling now but we'll all turn into Demons.

Quicktime 7 version here
iPod version here

Loton Park Onboard

Two realtime runs of Loton park filmed by Pete Elliot on luge, and Darren Rathbone stand up.

Quicktime 7 version here
iPod version here

Eastbourne 3!

An 8 minute film of the UKGSA World Cup Race held at Beachy Head. Features music by the awesome BIG Squirrel and Chesney Hawkes.92.9 Mb

Eastbourne 2!

A 2 and half minute film of the UKGSA World Cup Race held at Beachy Head. Features music by the sensational BIG SQUIRREL. 25.9 mb


A 4 minute film of the two day UKGSA World Cup Race held at Beachy Head. Features music by the mighty BIG SQUIRREL. 1/9/07 - 23Mb

Why Downhill?

A short 5 minute film of European and Kernow riding. Featuring music by our new favourite band SR-o - 11.7Mb

iPod Version - 29.7 Mb

Dalby II

A 3 and a half minute banjo-tastic film of the super sunny UKGSA race held at Dalby Forest.
Yee-haw! 23/4/06 - 26.1Mb

Seven films from Chamrousse 2005

Chamrousse is the biggest freeride in the world. Over 400 riders bomb 9.5km of alpine road for three days solid riding. A truly awe inspiring experience. Click the link to check out the films...


A 16 minute film of the UKGSA Chicane Blast held as part of the Wight Air Extreme Sports Festival. A short tricky hill provided tight racing and tons of spills! 1/10/05 - 35.5Mb

Dalby Forest

A 15 minute film of the final UKGSA race of 2005. A no-brakes-bomb in wet conditions. Warning! The film also features pre-race pub mayhem and filthy song lyrics. 13/11/05 - 33.6Mb.

Le Bukolik 2005

A 22 minute film of the Swiss freeride 30/7/05 - 63.4Mb.

There's also a bigger screen version to download here

Faltown Slide Day 1

Film of Cliff's Lesson, the Newbie and Pro Comp and BBQ 16/7/05 - 37.5Mb

Faltown Slide Day 2

Film of F~Boat Corner and Cliff and Sergio interview 17/7/05 - 47.3Mb

Faltown Super 8

One and a half mins of Cine Footage from Day 1 - 3.2Mb

Southsea Reunion 2005

Ramp and bowl action from the Southsea Skatepark Old School Reunion - 47Mb

The Dam

Film from the first UKGSA event held at Scammonden. After the freeride the hill was deemed 'a bit too sketchy for standup'. Smokin! - 12.1Mb

The Hill VII

A short 2 minute film from the first Gurston of 2006 showing Brits battling with greasy april weather. Iincludes gratuitous cake eating. Music by Lawrence Draws Monsters. 2/4/06 - 6MB.

The Hills 1-6

Six films capturing a year's worth of Ding Boston's SSSPRINT championship at Gurston. Click the link to choose your hill...

2004 Archive

Films from Cliff Coleman's Slide Clinic, and White Air.


A big thanks to everyone that came down to Road Buzz at The India, and to Lush, Faltown and Sector 9 for letting us show their films. It was great to see so many of you out on a Sunday. Hope y'all enjoyed it!

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